KRE-ALKALYN Buffered Creatine

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Increase ATP energy production in muscles cells for extra energy, strength, and endurance during workout.

  • ph-Correct
  • Buffered Creatine
  • Smaller doses with no cycling or loading
  • Increases muscle ATP energy
  • 100 servings
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FIT WARRIOR KRE-ALKALYN Creatine Body Fuel, 300g, 100 servings.

How Creatine Works FIT Warrior Creatine Monohydrate facts

Kre-Alkalyn Buffered Creatine does not break down upon liquid activation, improving biological pass-thru, allowing smaller doses, and ending the debate of creatine cycling or loading. Kre-Alkalyn allows you to safely consume creatine to it’s full and most potent effect with only a fraction of previous dosages.

Get more cellular ATP production and more energy by supplementing daily with Creatine. Creatine is a nutrient that rapidly produces energy (ATP) in our bodies to support cellular function and provide the energy our muscles need to move.

Muscle contraction is powered by ATP (adenosine-triphosphate), but there is only enough ATP to provide energy for approximately 10 seconds. To continue, more ATP is required, and creatine increases ATP availability and its rate of production.

Creatine increases muscle capacity to do work and improves the muscle energy efficiency. Research shows creatine to be effective in improving training intensity and recovery.

Creatine supplementation is well-researched and is remarkably safe and common for men and women. Creatine also exhibits performance-enhancing and neuroprotective properties.

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1 scoop

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Product weight

500 g (17.64 oz)


Product Quantity When Frequency Approx. Supply
KRE-ALKALYN Buffered Creatine Body Fuel 1 scoop with any beverage Anytime Daily 100 days

As a dietary supplement, mix one (1) scoop FIT WARRIOR KRE-ALKALYN Buffered Creatine powder with water, juice, pre-workout or any beverage. Consume anytime before or after workout.

1 review for KRE-ALKALYN Buffered Creatine

  1. tlmandmmm (verified owner)

    It is definitely working. My strength definitely went up and my weight went up a little. It for sure is a good product. Worth the money if your goals are to get bigger and stronger.

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